Different Types of Carpet

When thinking of having flooring for your new home or for your newly refurbished home, why don’t you consider of having carpet. Carpet is a type of flooring that is very comfortable to the feet. It is a good insulator of heat and is most ideal in places in colder regions. Moreover, it safe when children and older persons are around because it has a non-slip feature. Likewise, it is a good choice because it comes in different colors and it can be matched with whatever color your furniture is in your room.

different types of carpet_22If you are still thinking further whether you will have this type of flooring or not, then you need to read on the different types of carpet. Basically, carpet can be classified according to cut pile and loop pile. You may visit www.hudsonflooring.co.uk for sample styles of each type of carpet style.

When we say cut pile, it is a durable type of carpet because of the fiber chosen, the twist that has been made, and the tuft’s density. There are four types to choose from. We have the formal looking plush which looks smoother and even. Moreover, the textured is made of less dense fibers with an uneven way of piling. When you look at it, it seems that it can easily hide the dirt but it surely serves its purpose when you put this type of carpet in places where people often pass by.

The next type of cut pile carpet is called the saxony. This type is the most common choice of home owners and establishment owners because it is smooth and even. However, this type of carpet flooring’s fibers are long therefore it will surely show visible marks like foot prints and other stains or marks. Then, the next type is called frieze where it shows more twists. This is not ideal in offices and other formal settings because it looks informal. This does not show any mark but it is not ideal for places where there are too many people. Lastly, the cable type is characterized by thicker and longer fibers.

different types of carpet_11The other type of carpet flooring is the loop pile. The name implies that the carpet tips are not cut which makes the loops more visible. This is a highly durable type of carpet. There are three types of loop pile to choose from. The berber has shorter loop fibers and is ideal for high traffic places. However, the appearance does not really look formal. Then the patterned multi loop from the name itself has a patter being created. Lastly, is a combination of the cut and loop and is very ideal for places that are often crowded and visited by people. Another good feature that it has is that it can hide dirt and stains easily.

In summary, if you choose carpet flooring, you have a lot of options to choose from because it has two types. The thing that you have to consider in choosing is on how highly-trafficked your area is. You can visit http://www.hudsonflooring.co.uk for further details and you can also choose the best options for your area.

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