Pinless or Pin-type moisture meters?

Wood moisture meters can be extremely useful for people in many different professionals. With these kinds of devices, it becomes really easy to accurately and quickly check the water content in a piece of wood. In general, you are able to purchase two distinct types of moisture meters for wood. And depending on your needs for a moisture meter, the type that you should buy will also vary. You have got to assess your own needs and preferences in a moisture meter before you actually go and purchase one. It is extremely critical that you are aware of which type of moisture meter would be the best for you. This is because the way that each type of moisture meter will work will vary depending on its type. If you are not aware of the differences between a pinless and pin-type moisture meter, you can use this guide. It would help you out a lot, especially if you are confused as to the differences between each type of moisture meter.

Pin-type moisture meters

Like the name of this type of moisture meter suggests, you would use a pair of two thin pins inserted into the wood to check the moisture content of a piece of wood. The use of this kind of moisture meter is for anyone that wants to check the gradient moisture levels of wood. Thus, a pin-type moisture meter can actually check the difference in moisture content level between the surface and the core of the wood. You have to be aware though, that this kind of moisture meter can actually live two thin pin holes in the wood that you are checking.

Pinless-type moisture meters

The main advantage that this type of moisture meter has, is that it does not leave pin holes on the wood that you are checking. Instead of using a small pin that is inserted in a piece of wood, it uses magnetic fields to detect the amount of moisture in the wood. The use of this device is good because it can give the fastest results because moisture scans can be completed in only a few seconds. It would also give a 3-D field measurement of the moisture that is in a piece of wood. However, it would only check the surface level of moisture and not the core moisture content of the wood.

Those are all of the major differences that you can find a pin and pinless-type moisture meters. You have got to be careful about which one that you are going to choose, as it could become really difficult for you if you end up purchasing the wrong type of moisture meter. You may actually also end up purchasing the right type of moisture meter, if you learn all about the differences between the two types, through this article. The information that you can read here, could help you out a lot in purchasing a new moisture meter. You would also be able to find some great quality moisture meters through this website. Go to, if you are looking for well-made moisture meters that can accurately give you measurements on wood water content.