Different Types of Natural Metal and Solvent Cleaning Agents

Metal cleaning can be tough as well as other things in your surroundings. And it is important that you have remedies that can be done while looking for other alternatives if it did not work. You can refer to the natural metal and solvent cleaning agents that are listed below.

For natural metal cleaning agents and polishes:

Aluminum: You will need to make water and cream of tartar solution. Then by just using a soft cloth, clean the aluminum thing with the solution you made.

Bronze or brass: You can mix baking soda and lemon as a solution. Another solution you can do is mixed of salt and vinegar. You need to polish the part you need to clean with soft cloth that is dipped in the baking soda-lemon solution. Another procedure is applying small amount of ketchup with soft cloth then rub over to tarnished spots.

Copper: Soak the cotton rug in boiling water that has one tablespoon salt with one cup white vinegar. While the water is hot, apply it to the copper. Then let it cool. After cooling it, wipe it with clean cloth. For stubborn spots, sprinkle lemon juice or baking soda on soft cloth and then wipe. For cookware, sprinkle the lemon wedge that has salt and then scrub. One of the simpler methods that you can also do is a small amount of ketchup place on soft cloth, rub over the tarnished spots.

Chrome: Polish chrome with vinegar, baby oil, or the aluminum foil for shiny surface out.


Gold: You can clean it with toothpaste. You can also use vinegar, small amount of salt and flour.

Stainless steel: Clean stainless steel with damped cloth that has white vinegar. You can also use olive oil instead of white vinegar. For cookware, mix four tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quart water. Apply the solution using soft cloth. Then wipe dry with clean cloth. When cleaning stainless steel sink you can pour baking soda on absorbent cloth, wipe to clean and then use dry cloth to completely dry it.

Silver: Use a pan with the aluminum foil that is filled with water. Then add one teaspoon of salt and baking soda. Bring water to boil and dip silver. Polish it with a soft cloth.

For natural solvent cleaning agents:

You can use citrus solvent that can clean paint brushes, grease and oil, or some other stains. However this may cause lung, skin, and eye irritation especially for people that have different chemical sensitivities. But then citrus solvent can help paint brush be cleaned and used again. After painting, the fresh odor of the paint can be removed by placing small part of white vinegar inside the room.

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